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Defxtro Noizmekah azungumzia Birthday pamoja na Biography yake

Defxtro Biography:
Born May 12th in the 80's better known as Defxtro or DX, is a Tanzanian Music Producer and recording artist. Since early school years in O level at Hedaru Secondary school,Same Kilimanjaro he was an active member of the arts club and played traditional drums. While attending A-Level at Agape Seminary Moshi also as a Choir Drummer and Composer/Singer he then became interested in music production and virtually planned everything about Noizmekah while in seminary school. During school break in 2005 is where he researched on production basics and officially commenced studio production while in college at Makumira University. He is the founder and CEO of Noizmekah Enterprises: Company under which Noizmekah Studios & Hoodpixx Films Operates since 2007 and Co-founder of VMG Africa since 2013: An Online Publishing & Advertising Company. He has produced songs & Videos for popular Artists, including Nako2Nako, Watengwa, KCK, Nakaaya, Vatoloco, Kambi Tata, River Camp Soldiers, Jambo Squad, MeccaCheka, Warriors from the East, Janjaro, TGP, BenPol, Gentriez, Stereo and many more.visit for daily updates from Defxtro.

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